Welcome to Van Nuys Locksmith

Van Nuys Locksmith! What are they all about?

Van Nuys Locksmith is your one stop place to find the quickest answer to all your locks or key problems.

All members of our team are licensed and qualified with a lot of experience to save you from the untold stress that locks and keys can bring. Our clock has no stop as we work every single minute of every single day to ensure you get the best SERVICE whenever you call on our locksmith.

Plus, our rates are very reasonable.

At Van Nuys Locksmith, our services are equal to none and this makes us different from all other locksmiths you know.

For your office our locksmiths
  • Installation of high security locks: if your office or commercial space needs a good security for protection against thieves
  • Changing of security locks: your office locks need to be changed constantly to ward off hackers or intruders.
  • Repair of locks: if your lock is worn out from usage or if it has rusted
  • Replacement of your locks whether it’s a door, cabinet or high security lock
  • Master key creation or rekeying: if you own a business you need this.
  • Key Identification: to identify any of your staff who uses a key.
  • Safe opening: our technicians are specialists that can help you open your safe if its jammed.

Our Locksmiths also handle your car locks challenge like

  • Broken keys: if your key has broken in the car key hole, we’ll fix it for you
  • Lockout solutions: if you cannot get into your housause the key couldn’t open the lock or you can’t get into the house, we’ll handle this as well.
  • Car trunk opening: if the trunk refuses to open. We’ll do it for you.

We also handle Residential lock challenges like

  • House lockout: to prevent intruders
  • Lock Change:if you need to replace your locks, we’ll handle it
  • Servicing of Locks: we also make sure your locks are in good condition if it needs greasing or repair.

We also provide EMERGENCY services such as

  • EMERGENCY services and solutions:in case you are stuck somewhere because your key is missing.
Why should I choose Van Nuys Locksmith?

Van Nuys Locksmith is first above the rest because our SERVICE is top-notch. We make sure all our customers receive the best quality service from none other than us. This helps us maintain our customer base that is our primary target and new ones can come in as well. We make sure you get the best service so you never search for other locksmiths for your locks or keys.

Our professional locksmiths offer you the best quality service on-the-go. We are always available and ready to meet you at the exact place where you need us. With this, you stick with us just as we satisfy you. Our technicians have vast knowledge from training and experience to help you with your lock issues in a very skillful manner that makes you know we are professionals. We receive your orders and deliver with such accuracy and speed this makes us and our services second to none.

Our speed at arriving at the place you need us is unbeatable. We work every moment every minute, every hour and every day of the week (weekends and holidays included) because we know you can need us at any time. Whatever the lock challenge may be, Van Nuys Locksmith has got your back. Our equipments and locks are the latest and best in technological trends. You don’t need to search for another locksmith. One trial with us will convince you that our service, timeliness and quality are world-class.

Our technicians are trained and re-trained, insured, qualified, experienced and licensed. Our standard and quality is the highest you can find in the locksmith industry and that why we proffer the best solution you can get on the planet.

You can always be sure that our services will keep you smiling. We set the standard that other locksmiths are struggling to keep up with. That’s why when you think of locksmiths you should think of Van Nuys Locksmiths Your pleasure is our focus. You can call upon us at any time of the day even if it’s the wee hours of the morning or very late at night. We always ready to answer you.